• Three publication opportunities:
    • StillHouse press has a blogging competition for people who attended fall for the book, for posting a review about their experience at fall for the book, for undergrads only, cash prizes, more information on our Facebook page
    • GMR has submission deadlines on February 6th, can submit up to ten pieces, cash prizes in the neighborhood of $250. Ideal paper for GMR: cross-disciplinary, eg: science paper from humanities perspective, etc.
    • Volition Submissions deadline November 1st. Accepts poetry, prose, visual art

Volunteer opportunity: Dr. Hayford is setting up a English department open house Monday November 9th, from 10:15 to 3pm, need volunteers for talking to students and helping them between buildings. Need especially 10:15am to 11:30

10:15-30 check in and mingling

10:30-11:30 representing other mason groups like volition, writing tutors, etc.

Student and Alumni panel. Need a (freshman) Non-BFA English concentrator for the panel.

Publishing panel temporary date is November 4th, 7-9, or 7:30-9:30

Go see your advisor!

November! NaNoWriMo website is up! Kickoff parties in the last two weeks of October, hosted write-ins and stuff in Fairfax and Loudoun.

Workshop Next week at Wednesday in the HUB VIP room 3 at normal 7:30 timeslot.

Stillhouse press is looking for interns, specifically marketing and communications and events and editorial

Volition is hiring!


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General Meeting Notes: September 15, 2015

Below you will find the meeting notes from our first general meeting of the fall 2015 semester.  It was great to see so many new and returning faces!  If you have any questions about UES or our events, please email Michelle Webber or make contact through our social media pages.  We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Discussion of roles
    • President – Michelle Webber
      • Lead meetings
      • Organize recruitment
      • Set the schedule
      • Act as a liaison between faculty and org
      • Primary contact for org
      • Update social media
      • Friday agendas
    • VP – Christian Mincks
      • Assist running meetings
      • Attend recruitment events
      • Secondary contact for org
    • Secretary – Ethan Giarmona
      • Responsible for social media (shared with president)
      • Taking meeting minutes and posting them on wordpress (general meetings only – not officer meetings, unless someone is missing)
      • Interacting with members at any opportunity – on campus, at meetings, outside of meetings. Be the advocate and welcoming face
    • Treasurer – Kathleen Brown
      • Responsible for funding requests/event eval forms (shared with pres)
      • Second authorized user for 25live
    • Goals
        • Visibility!!!! THE BOARD
        • More social events
        • Adding a social component to the general meetin

      Scheduled events

        • Welcome Back reception: September 14, 7:30 – 9:30 PM, HUB Meeting Room 2 (Food)
        • Workshop: Every Monday from 7:30 to 9:30 PM, HUB VIP 3
        • October general meeting: October 5, 2015 – 7:30 – 9:30, HUB VIP 2
        • November general meeting: November 2, 2015 – 7:30 – 9:30, HUB VIP 2
    • Events to schedule
      • NaNoWriMo Events
        • 30 mins of freewriting during November
        • Last two weeks of October 30-45 minute craft miniseries
        • Workshop before November starts slotted idea workshopping for NaNo (e form with timeslots)
      • Social outings
        • Laughing Ogre University Mall (ask members)
        • Movie nights (ask members)
          • THE MARTIAN
        • Library $5 book bag sale
      • Submission derby (maybe November?)
    • Philanthropy
      • Book Drive for Children’s International
      • Critique donations/fundraiser for Warrior Writers
      • FALL FOR THE BOOK VOLUNTEERING: email volunteers@fallforthebook.org

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General Meeting – April 7th, 2015

General Meeting – April

Thank you so much for a wonderful year everyone!  Keep a look out for emails from Michele Webber for all UES updates.

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General Meeting Minutes – March 3rd 2015

General Meeting – March 3rd 2015

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Minutes for General Meeting – February 3rd, 2015

General Meeting – Feb. 3rd

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General Meeting Minutes – November

Hi All,

Thank you so much for joining us for our general meeting last night.  We know how crazy things can get late in the semester.  However, it means a lot that you all are still so interested in coming to the meetings and keeping up with what is going on in UES!  So without further ado here are the minutes from the meeting.  It is short, sweet, and to the point.

UES November Minutes


Thursday (November 6th) is our last official event for the fall semester!  Officers will be putting on a Writer’s Market Tutorial.  So anyone who is interested in sending their work in for publication or if you are looking to just learn about the process in general than feel free to join us.  We will be meeting in SUB I room 30-3A.  Looking forward to see you all there!

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General Meeting – 10/6/14

UES Minutes

Above you can find the document of the notes taken during UES’s general meeting for the month of October!

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